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Can I sell at retail level?

No, the platform is reserved for business to business (b2b) sales.

How much does it cost to operate within Mercatia?

The objective of Mercatia is to allow companies to open themselves up to new markets without initial investment and without the burden of fixed costs. THERE ARE NO REGISTRATION FEES and NO MEMBERSHIP FEES are required. Mercatia receives a percentage on every successfully completed sale, which varies according to product type, quantity and the countries where the transaction takes place. Mercatia’s percentage is established in the “Dealer Authorisation” and NO OTHER COST will be charged

Is Mercatia specialised in any particular countries?

Mercatia’s sales network is in constant evolution. There is a special area of our portal devoted to the recruitment of new dealers. All applicants are carefully selected and profiled according to the geographic region in which they operate, the categories of goods they deal in and their specific expertise.

How do I register?

By filling out the registration form found on the portal. Our back office will contact you directly to gather all the information necessary to begin marketing and sales activities in your target countries.

How can get in touch with the Competence Center experts?

In the section dedicated to consultants, you can search for the type of expertise you require. Mercatia’s back office is nonetheless at your business’ disposal to assist in your search. The Competence Center, like the sales network, is also in constant evolution. All needs are assessed and, if necessary, Mercatia will contact external consultants. Consulting fees are agreed upon directly with the professional contacted.

If a buyer is interested in one of my products, will I be contacted directly or through you?

Buyers usually sign an “order offer” with the dealer, which Mercatia then sends on to the manufacturer of the products in question. The manufacturer verifies that all the agreed upon conditions have been respected and decides whether or not to accept the offer. In some cases, the buyer, upon request of the dealer, may contact the company directly in an attempt to negotiate more favourable terms. In such a situation, Mercatia MUST be informed immediately and, in the event that the order is finalised, Mercatia’s agreed-upon percentage will come due immediately.

How do I know which countries my products can be sold in?

In the Competence Center you will find expert consultants who will help you find the right market for your products. Moreover, in the “Markets of Interest” area, there is a section where you can find a list of the products that are in highest demand in each country.

What sort of payment guarantees are there? Do you have an insurance policy that covers trade receivables for export sales?

Usually, in the absence of specific provisions made by the dealer, payments originating abroad are guaranteed. In any event, you can take out specific policies to protect yourself from individual risks. Mercatia does NOT play a direct role in commercial transactions; therefore the company that is selling is responsible for taking all the precautions it normally uses.

If there is no consultant in the Competence Center who deals with a specific activity, does that mean that said activity does not fall within your sphere of operation?

In a situation of this sort, you need only contact Mercatia’s back office and inform them of your needs. We will make it our priority to put you in touch with the professionals best suited to the needs you have presented.