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How We Work

How We Work

Mercatia exploits the communicative power of social media, placing it at the disposal of its own Network of businesses.

A special area of our Portal is dedicated to the continuous recruitment of dealers from around the world who already have a presence in their own regional markets.
Mercatia IS NOT your typical eCommerce site that puts products in an online showcase in the hopes that some buyer expresses a interest.
Mercatia is a large sales network, where a group of select and expert dealers, who check the portal for newly posted business opportunities every day, promote products directly to potential buyers.

Our back office makes the process fast and efficient, and in 5 simple steps your products will be added to the ‘virtual attaché cases’ of hundreds of dealers.

  1. A company applies for membership in our Network. Our back office contacts the company to verify whether suitable business terms exist to enter into a mutually profitable collaboration. If we believe this potential exists, we issue the company log-in information to access Mercatia.
  2. Once it has received its log-in information, the company goes on to enter all the information relevant to its business in its account area (logo, company profile, etc). It fills out the form entitled “Dealer Authorisation”, in which it lays out all the information necessary for the marketing and sale of its products or services: the products on offer, bulk discounts, minimum lot sizes, percentage owed to Mercatia for successfully completed transactions, etc.
  3. Our back office verifies that all data has been properly entered and contacts the company for any necessary additional information or in the case of communication errors.
  4. From within its own account, the company accesses the “Dealers’ Reserved Catalogue” area. Here it can upload a list of its products for sale, adding photos and descriptions when available.
  5. The “Dealer Authorisation” is published in the area reserved for dealers, who then begin to contact all their potential buyers for that specific product. Dealers collect “Order Offers” and send them on to Mercatia, which in turn sends them to the company. In the event of a formal acceptance, the offer becomes actionable and can be fulfilled.

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